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Alfonso Perplexon

Alfonso Perplexon

The hero of Dormia is a mild-mannered 12-year old boy, quite short and skinny for his age. If it weren’t for his “hyperactive sleeping” (more on that below), you might be tempted to conclude that he is rather unremarkable. Alfonso has large green eyes, thick eyebrows and a habit of chewing on his lower lip when he’s in school working on math problems. He lives with his mother and grandfather in the hamlet of World’s End, Minnesota (population 873).

While awake, Alfonso is a pretty typical kid. He helps his grandfather and mother with his chores, he reads mystery and adventure books and comic books, and he watches football games (especially the Minnesota Vikings) and baseball games (especially the Chicago Cubs.) His two best friends are Alastar and Giuseppe, two boys whose parents recently came to World’s End from Ireland and Italy to work as artisan woodcutters. The three of them spend a lot of time outdoors. Alastar is a master tracker – he learned the skill from his grandfather – and he often leads the boys on elaborate adventures, in which they track down snow wolves. This can be dangerous, but Giuseppe typically brings a small Venetian crossbow, just in case they run into trouble.


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