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Dr. Van Bambleweep

Most residents of Barsh-yin-Binder would agree that Dr. Van Bambleweep is the most educated person in the town, although this is perhaps not extremely noteworthy, given that Barsh-yin-Binder has proudly had no schools for the last three hundred years. Although he is not a licensed medical practitioner, Dr. Van Bambleweep knows enough and has read enough to be in demand among the Barsh-yin-Binder elite. Where possible, he focuses on herbs and roots to cure all manner of illnesses.

When his medical practice slows, Dr. Van Bambleweep also runs a store that specializes in antiques, maps and globes. He claims that his family has been in this business since the year 1369. Those paying a visit to Dr. Van Bambleweep often ask about his sons after seeing his sign: “Van Bambleweep & Sons: Books, Maps, Antiques, & Sage Medical Advice since 1369 or Thereabouts.” The good doctor only smiles and says they are doing well, although no one has ever seen his sons. One would hope that they look a little better than the doctor, who has a scraggly white beard and raw, pink-colored skin.


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