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Dusty Magrewski

His official title is President of the Brotherhood of Magrewski Longshoremen. Dusty, as his friends know him, is one of the leading citizens of Fort Krasnik, which isn't saying much because most people on this island are either drunks, thieves, ruffians, violent criminals, or all of the above. He is the descendent of Ivan Magrewski, one of the original group of Russian sailors who founded Fort Krasnik. Ivan Magrewski founded the Brotherhood of Magrewski Longshoremen. The Magrewski, as they are known, are bitter rivals of the Brotherhood of Popov Longshoremen. Together, the two groups control Fort Krasnik.

Dusty is in his early 70s, but is still a force with his meaty fists, iron biceps and shoulders rippling with muscles. He has been in charge of the Magrewski Longshoremen for more than thirty years, and he is both respected and feared throughout Fort Krasnik and beyond. Although tough as nails, he always wanted to have children of his own, but never found the right lady.


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