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Hill Persplexy

Hill Persplexy

Alfonso’s long-lost uncle was born in Somnos, the legendary capital of Dormia. When they were just kids, Hill and his brother Leif (who is Alfonso’s dad) found themselves accidentally cast out of the city during Great Wandering Day. (The full story is recounted in Dormia.) After being saved by Vice-Admiral Purcheezie, Hill and Leif made their way to North America, where they grew up in an orphanage but then lost track of each other.

Hill is very tall, almost six and a half feet in height. He has a mane of wild, white hair, a finely maintained handlebar moustache, and a long crooked nose. In winter and summer, morning and evening, he is never without his old bomber jacket, which was given to him by the US Air Force in honor of a solo flight that he completed from Korea to Australia during one of his extended naps. When driving around Chicago on his perfectly tuned 1962 Champion motorcycle, he always dons a tightly fitted leather aviator’s cap and an old pair of racing goggles.

Although he is content with his life in Chicago, Hill has never stopped looking for his brother, Leif. His memory of his childhood in Dormia is fading with the passage of time; and as he has become older, the loss of Leif has become even more difficult to bear. While awake and asleep, he thinks often of Dormia. His dreams are simple: find Leif and return to Dormia, his birthplace.


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