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Lars Sturluson

He is the tall, gruff leader of a legendary iceberg fortress. Lars has an outsize reputation among the thieves and smugglers that frequent the northern seas. Although he is seen as a fierce, even vicious man, Alfonso discovers a closely held secret: Lars is actually a Dormian. As a member of the Order of Wanderers, Lars left Somnos at an early age along with a number of handpicked Dormians. Their goal was to join the outside world, waiting and watching for a Great Sleeper to arrive. And when – or if – they came across a Great Sleeper, they were to provide him/her with any necessary assistance. The Wanderers of Dormia are a sad but proud group, destined to spend their lives as lonely sentinels in the Dormian Diaspora.

Over the centuries, Wanderers have entered all of humanity’s societies and cultures. They have hunted jungle panthers as adopted members of the Huli tribe of Papa New Guineau; one was a Babylonian king; during the Middle Ages, another joined the courts of European nobility; one Wanderer even prospered as a saloon owner in turn of the century San Francisco.

As a boy, Lars enjoyed working with ice and snow, and so as a Wanderer he turned his attention to the vast frozen north, an area of shifting ice floes and water so cold a human would freeze to death within a minute of exposure to it. Within a decade, Lars infiltrated every smuggler’s network in the area, built his own, and in so doing ensured that he would be the first to hear of anything involving a curious plant. (Great Sleepers always carry a Dormian Bloom with them and these Blooms, of course, are the most curious plants on Earth.)


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