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He is, quite simply, King of the Dragoonya. According to most Dormian historians, Nartam was born a Dormian in the ancient city of Dragoo. This was the first of the eleven Dormian cities to fall; and it was destroyed by none other than Nartam himself. Nartam was a prodigy of a child who grew up into a brilliant but icy cold man. He argued that Dormia needed to defend itself by burning leaves from Dormia's Founding Trees. (Legend has it that the ash from these trees has numerous magical properties.) Burning a Founding Tree, however, is strictly forbidden in Dormia. Nartam's argument to amend this rule was ignored.

Nartam was never one to play by the rules and, in time, he took matters into his own hands. He recruited a group of like-minded believers and they snuck into Dragoo's Tree Palace and burned leaves from the city's Founding Tree. They called themselves Dragoonya, and they didn’t stop at just a few leaves. Eventually, the Dragoonya burned the entire Tree, and then destroyed the city in a vast conflagration. To Nartam, this was unavoidable. He needed the ash from the tree – it gave him and the group extraordinary abilities.

Although much is known of Nartam's early years, very little is known of his recent whereabouts. Some whisper that he is dead. Others think he is biding his time and preparing for a final battle that will destroy the Dormians and cement his hold over the Ural Mountains. Others believe he has far greater ambitions. While in Dragoo, he often spoke of the need for Dormia to reach out and confront other civilizations. He argued that Dormians possessed a singular vision – a harmonious way to incorporate sleeping and waking – that was far superior to other civilizations. According to Nartam, the Dormians had an obligation to oversee other, weaker cultures, and to ensure that they benefit from Dormia. As a Dragoonya, he believed the same things, except his destruction of Dragoo gave him the taste of conquest and blood. It was a taste he came to enjoy and to anticipate with great pleasure. “If only I had enough ash,” he was once overheard to say, “The world would see our power and bow in respect. No longer would we cower in the Urals, scratching and scraping for a few granules of ash. With enough of it, the world would come to us, and we would welcome them with open arms. We would be liberators.”


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