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Paks Bilblox

Paks Bilblox

He is the toughest, stoutest and bravest of the Magrewski Longshoremen of Fort Krasnik. Born in the Estonian port town of Väike Kunda, he left at an early age to join his father, who was a longshoreman in Fort Krasnik. The circumstances of his departure are shrouded in mystery, and all that he would ever say is that – for him – staying in Estonia meant a quick but painful death.

Known simply as "Bilblox," he is a legend among the Fort Krasnik longshoremen. In a place where brute strength and agility are prized above all else, Bilblox is as strong as an ox and as agile as a rabbit. Although he has a temper and speaks with a growl, Bilblox is intelligent and brave above all. He lives in the Magrewski warehouse, in the middle of a vast barracks of longshoremen. There, he and his fellow longshoreman spend their days working on the docks, while their evenings are spent carousing, singing, drinking, and testing their strength by overturning small cars.

Although a well-known and respected figure in Fort Krasnik, Bilblox decided to travel with Alfonso and Hill to the Urals because he had always wanted to see more of the world. Going back to Estonia was impossible because of his troubles there, and truth be told, he had no interest in reliving those terrible times. Although he respected the work of the longshoreman, Bilblox always thought of himself as more than just bulging muscles, a ponytail and mutton chops. He wanted a bit of real adventure and, of course, that is precisely what he found.


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