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Louis "Pappy" Eubanks

Pappy is Judy’s father and Alfonso’s grandfather. The Eubanks family has lived in World’s End for three generations. They have been lumberjacks, truck drivers, heating and cooling technicians, and in Pappy’s case, plant cultivators. Ever since he was a boy, Pappy was always uprooting plants, examining their root and leaf structures, and figuring out ways to grow them more efficiently. At the age of 6, he grafted his first pear tree; and at the age 8 he cross pollinated a bald cypress with an ordinary violet, producing a pine-like bush that was covered with purple flowers in the springtime. "Louis’ Luck," as the plant was eventually called, is still one of Pappy’s bestsellers. Pappy was quite proud of Alfonso when the boy grew his own strange plant, and hopes that his grandson will eventually take over the business.

A robust 91, Pappy frequently boasts about his incredible health. He says it’s because of his constant exposure to potting soil and mulch, starting when he was just a baby. He has no other hobbies besides gardening, and doesn’t take much stock in anything that happens outside of World’s End.


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