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Alfonso, Hill and Bilblox first met Resuza in the old "Slave District" of Barsh-yin-Binder, which is the most dangerous area of an already dangerous city. (The streets of this city are so dense with thieves that all the respectable types have moved into an underground cavern known as the Trawpoy.) On the evening that Resuza first met Alfonso, she emerged from the gloom and darkness and offered her services as a guide. As she conversed with Alfonso, she was holding a shriveled, smoking tomato on the tip of a rusty dagger. (This was her dinner.) Alfonso, Hill, and Bilblox quickly realized that they had no choice but to rely on Resuza as their guide to this unwelcoming city.

At the time they met her, Resuza was covered in grime and wore a heavy fur robe so caked in mud that it looked as if it might have been a doormat. She appeared to be about 13 years old, with blond hair and glittering dark eyes. Later in their journey, she revealed more about her background. Resuza grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Urals. At an early age, she was exposed to a great many languages and dialects in the region, because the town was a trading hub. She soon became fluent in eight languages and competent in almost a dozen others, including many obscure dialects of Komi. She used these skills in the dry goods shop that her parents owned. The shop sold sleds, furs, saddles, maps and rifles. Resuza learned at an early age that she was a very good shot with a rifle.


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