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Her birth name is Silvia Patricia Alexandra Cassandra Kossinider, but virtually everyone knows her by her initials, which spell S.P.A.C.K. Born and raised in Somnos, Spack is a “tired Dormian,” one of the unlucky few in Dormian society who are unable to be active sleepers. When asleep, all they do is lay on their back and snore. What´s more, they frequently enjoy this inactive type of sleeping much more than other people. Growing up, Spack was the brunt of practical jokes by her schoolmates. Still, she harbored dreams of being something much greater. She wanted to show those childhood bullies that despite being a “tired Dormian,” she would play an important role in the destiny of Dormia.

Although she applied several times to be a Wanderer, she was immediately turned down. However, this didn’t stop her. On Great Wandering Day, she stowed away among a group of Wanderers and promptly fell asleep. When she woke up and was discovered, it was too late for her to return to Somnos. The Wanderers led her to Barsh-yin-Binder, where they told her to keep an eye on things.


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