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The Island of Fort Krasnik

This small, rocky island – situated off the western coast of Canada – is its own nation state. Alfonso comes here after fleeing World's End. The place is known principally as a den for smugglers, thieves, and ruffians for hire. (The island’s official motto is: It is not stealing unless you are caught!) The boardwalks of Fort Krasnik are lined with dilapidated shops selling moonshine, pipe tobacco, weapons, and various nautical items. One shop advertises “peg legs and wooden teeth,” another boasts “the best glass eyes in the North Pacific,” and yet another display window offers a range of poisons with placards offering suggestions like “serve warm for best effects” or “try this with hot cocoa – your victim won't suspect a thing.”

One of the top smugglers in Fort Krasnik is a fellow named Dusty Magrewski. His vault, in the Magrewski warehouse, currently bulges with a number of treasures including: several multi-million dollar Faberge eggs (just arrived), portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, an original version of the Gutenberg Bible, the coffin of Ulysses S. Grant (empty), and the only dollar bill ever jointly printed by the U.S. and Canadian Mints. This bill was a secret attempt to join the currencies of the two countries, but one that ultimately failed because both countries insisted on being on the front side and neither one would agree to be on the back.

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