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Early Dormia Sketches by Steven Mertens

The illustrations you see on this page are the very first sketches of the world of Dormia. They were done by Steven Mertens, an illustrator and musician living in Brooklyn, New York

Image preview of first sketch
First sketch of Sleeping Knights Cover Art
Image preview of Uncle Hill
Uncle Hill arrives in World's End, Minnesota, on his motorcycle
Image preview of Biblox and others
Bilblox and the other Magrewskis wait for Alfonso to fall soundly asleep at the start of a game of Ballast
Image preview of Vice Admiral Purcheezie
Vice Admiral Purcheezie welcomes Alfonso onto her ship
Image preview of Dormian Bloom
Dr. Van Bambleweep inspects the Dormian Bloom in Barsh-yin-Binder.
Image preview of statue
Statue of the Cyclops in Straszydlo Forest
Image preview of Somnos
An early conception of the Dormian capital of Somnos
Image preview battle
A scene from the Battle of Somnos
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