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12th May 2011 What if Alfonso never found the sphere??

One of our exceptional Dormia fans - Amelia Rozear - answered the question of how the original Dormia might have been different if Alfonso never found the sphere in the dark woods of Straszydlo Forest. Read on - you'll love it!!

'Twang!' Alfonso let go of the wooden arrow and watched it soar through the air. It seemed as if it was in slow motion, flying the fifty feet to the cyclops statues' ear. Then, as if someone or something had planned it to happen, he heard rustling behind him and then heard a loud,
“Daaad, daaad...” before the monster could finish, he felt something hit his head and then fell unconscious. A split second before he was knocked out, he saw a black, shadowy hand knock the arrow off course. A few minutes later, Alfonso came to. He had spent about a half hour at the cyclops statue and had to get going if he wanted to-
Wait a minute. Alfonso looked around. This place didn't look familiar at all. His sleeping self must have gotten himself out of the forest in time, because it was, by the looks of it, twilight. But there was one thing that surprised Alfonso. He saw a sobbing Bilblox, kneeling next to the Dormian Bloom. Bilblox looked up and noticed Alfonso standing next to him. He quickly stood up and said in a shaky voice, “Resuza, s-she's gone.”

Bilblox looked as guilty as ever when the Dormian knights cuffed his hands behind his back. “NO!” Alfonso cried. “NO! You can't take Bilblox!” he reached into his pocket and felt around for something to persuade the knights to let Bilblox go. But he was hopeless. He didn't have anything.

Alfonso looked around in the tree and saw a giant Dragoonya soldier lunging towards him with a huge knife, ready to cut him in two. Without a weapon he was defenseless. So the only choice he actually had was to run. He ran like there was no tomorrow. The soldier ran after him. They were both running and chasing each other so much, Alfonso grew tired. Then the strangest thing happened. He fell asleep while running for his life. For a second his shoulders slouched and he slowed down. And just when the Dragoonya soldier was about to chop him in half, Alfonso's sleeping self took over and with a burst of energy, he was running so fast, he couldn't see him anymore. Then he screeched to a stop when he saw Nartam right in front of him. He sneered and struck a match. “NO!” Alfonso cried. “NO!”
The tree was burning quickly and Nartam was drenched from head to toe with sweat and purple ash.
Alfonso knew it was impossible to beat him.
But it was nobody but Nartam and Alfonso. Head to head. Face to face. Life to life.

11th May 2011 Dormia Book Talk

Hi everyone - click on the You Tube video below and you'll come upon an amazing book talk slide show about Dormia. It was put together by Nancy Goss, an incredibly dynamic and WONDERFUL librarian. Thanks Nancy!

Dormia Book Talk video

25th February 2011 A Haitian painting based on Dormia!

Some of you may know that one of the Dormian authors - Peter Kujawinski - is currently living in Haiti. He just recently received this painting as a gift from a fan of Dormia. Can you find all the Dormia references?

17th January 2011 Radio interview with Dormia authors

Do you want more info on how Peter and Jake write the Dormia series? Do you want to hear us reading a passage from the first book? For the answer to these and other questions about the authors of the Dormia series, listen to this fun interview!

09th January 2011 Check out the UPDATED website!

Hi Fans of Dormia -

We're proud to unveil the latest update of the Dormia series website. We've added a whole section devote to World's End, and scattered hints about characters and even book 3 everyone in the website. Can you find the hint of the month for book 3 - the Shadow Tree?

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