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Why is this our lucky number? Because we wrote this book in exactly 273 days. Of course, the planning and outlining of the book took years. Jake and Peter first met in the late 1990s. Peter was stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and Jake was the writing tutor at the American International School. We met, became friends, and at some point took a trip together to the Sinai Peninsula – a rugged, beautiful, but deserted stretch of Egypt that stretches out into the luminescent waters of the Red Sea. We slept on a sand dune, beneath the stars, like the Bedouin. One night we got caught in a sand storm known as a khamseen. Luckily, the storm wasn't too severe. We were never in danger, but sleeping proved impossible, and as we huddled and chatted through the night, speaking about the magic of travel, wandering in the desert, and sleeping. This is truly where the idea for Dormia was born.

Over the years the two of us began developing an extensive outline that described the world of Dormia, the characters inhabiting it, and the kind of challenges that Dormians would face. The outline grew to almost one hundred pages single-spaced. “It was really more than an outline,” says Peter. “It was an atlas, a guidebook, and an encyclopedia to our made-up world.”

“We developed the outline for years and years,” says Jake. “We knew the world of Dormia inside out – so when we finally sat down to write the book – it was like writing about Canada. It was a place almost as familiar as home.”

When it came time to actually write the thing, we did it in 273 days. Click here for a contest based on our lucky number 273. You could become a contributing writer to Dormia!

As a special gift to visitors, here is a rarely seen video of Peter and Jake goofing off after writing some intense parts of the book.

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