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Dear Dormia Fan

Welcome to hypnogogia! By entering this magical state, you have managed to discover a secret that even our publisher doesn´t know about.

Attached in PDF format is a lost chapter from the book, featuring Alfonso's very first encounter with Nartam, king of the Dragoonya and the most dogged and vicious enemy of the Dormians. The chapter is available only on our website as a special thank you for visiting.

In the actual book, Alfonso, his mother Judy, his grandfather Pappy, and his uncle Hill are forced to flee their home in World's End, Minnesota. They set off by seaplane from World's End to the legendary smugglers' isle of Fort Krasnik. (Those of you who have already read the book will recall all of this.) But here is where the lost chapter comes in: before going to Fort Krasnik, they actually landed the seaplane near the icy shores of Lake Michigan, near Chicago.

In the shadow of hundreds of glittering and cold skyscrapers, they enter a warm sanctuary, Hill's hidden apartment on the top of a skinny clock tower, which is accessed only by hitching a ride on a "second" hand ......

Download The Lost Chapter

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