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Information for Schools and Teachers

During the most recent school year, Peter and Jake visited over 200 schools, from Alaska to New York and all points in between. You can watch a short video of the two authors at a school visit in the Boston area. Just below ;)

School visits

We have done presentations on the making of the Dormia series, artistic collaboration, writing and editing to grades from Kindergarten through high school. (Obviously, we tailor the presentation according to the grade level.)

We would LOVE to visit your school! To tell you the truth, it’s a win-win-win. The students get excited about writing and reading, the teachers have a wonderful opportunity to have published authors reinforce their educational messages, and we get more and more people excited about the Dormia series...

The Details

On average, our presentation lasts around 45 minutes, and includes plenty of Q and A time. Depending on the school, we’ll do either just one presentation or several. Our talks weave together the nuts and bolts of writing a book, from the first idea through the long years of revision to the final decisions about cover art and layout. We include funny stories from the making of the book series, tips on writing and editing, and inspirational messages on perseverance to follow your dreams. We’ve also done specialized courses on editing your work, creative brainstorming and creative writing.

The honorarium we ask for depends on the type of presentation we’re doing as well as the amount of travel required. If your school is too far away or for whatever reason a personal visit doesn’t work out, we’ll happily do a virtual visit (via Skype) for free! Contact us at to set up a school visit or to ask any questions.

The Reviews

We’ve got a lot of ‘em. Below is just the tip of the iceberg, so let us know if you want more or if you’d like to contact our references directly.

Workshops directed by Peter are both engaging and inspiring. Our students left the workshops with a better understanding of the writing process and a renewed self-confidence in their abilities as writers. Peter is a natural teacher and our school would gladly have him present again!
- Kimberly Mach, Grade 6 Language Arts teacher, Memorial Middle School, Connecticut
Jake mesmerized our students with the truths behind the story of Dormia. He showed how he took pieces from his own life and wove them into the story to make it believable. He took a group of students who you normally cannot get to stay quiet and turned them into the perfect audience. Wonderful presentation and the kids are really enjoying his book too!
- Susan Dowdell, Bungay Elementary School, Seymour CT
It was a treat for the students at Hanshew to visit with an author who is just getting started in his writing of fantasy for young adults. Peter Kujawinski was a wonderful story teller and explained to students how they can write from their own experiences. We can’t even count the number of students who have requested his book and we have a long wait list for the three copies we purchased. An added treat was listening to his wife Nancy sing the Dormia National Anthem that she composed. Don’t miss this opportunity – they don’t come around that often.
- Wendy Leseman, librarian at Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska
Jake Halpern held our students in the palm of his hand with his spine-tingling storytelling, engaging and informative discussion and fast-paced theatrics. Our normally oh-so-cool middle schoolers were uncharacteristically impressed by this young, hip, author dude. Expertly weaving his magical tale of "Dormia" into a gripping demonstration of how suspense can resonate in the true details of stories, he showed every student how to tap the reservoir of truths in their own lives to become cool writer dudes, too.
- Betty Pacelle, Library Media Specialist, Pawcatuck Middle School, Stonington Public Schools
Just wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed your visit yesterday. The kids are all talking about the book as are the teachers who were here AND the principal. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
- Darlene Hayes, librarian at Clarendon Alternative School (K-5), San Francisco, California
I want to thank you so much for your marvelous presentations on December 14th. Your storytelling is just as fascinating as your tale of Alfonso and you kept three groups of children enthralled. You did a fine job explaining how you used experiences from your personal life in your writing and all the children benefitted from hearing about the preparation you and Jake put into the book before you even wrote it. We loved hearing Nancy sing the Dormian national anthem with her beautiful voice and the older children…and teachers!... enjoyed her new song about story telling.  Thank you again for sharing your book with us. It’s really taking off here at Kelly Lane and everyone is waiting with baited breath for the second book to be published. We’d love to have you come and visit us again! 
- JoAnne McLeod, reading consultant at Kelly Lane Middle School in Granby, Connecticut
Jake visited our school last Thursday.  He spoke to our 3rd through 5th graders in a one hour long presentation. He was a terrific presenter.  He spoke about the writing process and used the story of Dormia to provide examples.  He did not read from the book, but rather relayed different parts of the book through story-telling. He is excellent at voices, etc. He had the children captivated.  Many children, mine included, weren't necessarily interested in purchasing the book prior to his visit.  But so many children were eager to read the book as a result of his presentation. He really had them (and me) hooked! I will read the book with my 5th grade daughter - can't wait to see how Dormia ends!
- Laura Rigney, Connecticut
Peter Kujawinski's author visit to The Knox School was riveting. Although the series is targeted to a middle school audience, our high school students became intrigued enough to dive into a high fantasy adventure! From the book to the presentation, the imaginative world of Dormia came alive to  Knox students and staff!  Peter, also set aside time to share insight on the writing process and gave hopeful encouragement to budding writers and creative minds; you can't put a price on that. Thanks again for the visit, Peter!
- Lauren Bernat, Librarian, the Knox School, Long Island,  New York
We hosted author Jake Halpern, the co-author of the newly released fantasy entitled Dormia. Our students and staff loved his presentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Nancy Goss, Amity Middle School, Orange, CT
Jake Halpern's storytelling immediately captivated our entire school! His writing workshops elicited the writer within. Our fourth graders were on the edge of their seats writing personal cliff hangers. After Jake's visit, we had orders for over 175 copies of Dormia! Dormia was no sleeper at Mitchell Elementary School!!
- Barbara Riordan, Mitchell Elementary, Woodbury, Connecticut
If you are looking for an author that will catch your students attention, look no further! Jake Halpern spoke at 2 assemblies in our middle school last week, and both staff and students were spellbound. Thank you Jake for such a great presentation.
- Peg Inserra, ERMS Library Media Specialist

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