Learn How to Place a Bet on Tennis

These tennis tips are for both beginners and professionals. These tennis tips will assist you in creating your winning tennis betting strategy in viva88 net. These tips can be combined with other general betting strategies for tennis.


There are so many tennis matches on both the men’s or women’s circuits during the year. It’s better to focus on what you’re most familiar with and specialize. It is almost impossible to analyse every tennis match. Numerous successful tennis gamblers specialize in one sport: men’s or ladies’ tennis, the Challenger circuit or Grand Slam tournaments.

Focus on the markets and types of tennis bets that you are most familiar with. It’s possible to do it on viva88 net. While some bettors focus on handicaps only, others use strategies to find value in set and totals. You can choose which tennis circuit you would like to bet on and what markets you prefer.

Place a bet on a handicap

Spread betting is a common form of betting on American sports. Tennis handicap betting is very similar. Both set handicaps and games handicaps can be used to handicap your betting. They are both simple. Playing field levelling is the goal of sets and games. Next, you must decide if Player A will win despite a handicap advantage or whether Player B will win despite a handicap advantage. Roger Federer wins, 6-4, 7-6 and 6-3 against John Isner. Federer has a handicap of +8. Federer is ahead, 19-13.

Place bets on a winner

A “to win” wager is one that bets on the outcome of a particular game. This is the most basic bet on this list and a good place to start if your new to betting tennis. Are you sure Rafael Nadal will win next major? If he wins, you can place an outright win bet on him. Before a major tournament starts, you should be able get betting odds for each participant. You will almost always win more money if you predict correctly.

It is important to consider the most recent forms

Majors in tennis are more popular than those who play in minor circuit tournaments. This is understandable.Pre-major research will be an advantage if you are able to analyse the performances of players.

A player’s form can make or break their chances of winning in tennis. Maybe a player has skipped several minor events in order to be ready for the major. This brings up the old debate about “rest vs. rust” in many team sport. While some older players might benefit from a break while others may have trouble if they haven’t tested in a while, it may be beneficial for others.

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